Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Story - Part 2 - Ajay's Journey

Its been a year months since Ajay's started his new life as Veenita.
His Aunt/Mother had been really strict on him, even to the point of slapping him couple of times to remind hi whose the boss.

Here's Veenita getting ready for her first party.

"Veenita ! Are your ready yet ?" Asked the mother
She looked like a perfect image of young Indian Lady in the mirror all dressed up in Beautiful Indian Party Dress.

She glanced at her own reflection ,checking to make sure everything was good. Its then she heard this feint voice deep in her mind, ~This is not me, what has happened to me, I look like a girl.~ Just then Veenita could feel a tear drop roll down her cheek , ~I am not a girl, i don't want to be a girl~ Veenita couldnt understand why she was thinking like this, but it felt very real.

She sat on the bed still looking at her own reflection and thats when the voice in her mind got louder ~I have to get away,~ she thought ~Take control ~ she thought real hard again and again until Ajay felt his lips move and utter the words "Taake Control" just then he looked up and realized he had somehow fought and won over the Veenita personality.

"I have to get out of here , before my aunt finds me." Ajay said to himself looking at his feminized reflection in the mirror, so he started taking the jewelery off, just then the door opened and saw his Aunt standing there.

"What are you doing Veenita ?" She asked

"I am not letting you turn me into a Girl." i yelled back at her.

What happened next confused Ajay. He saw the expression on his aunt's face change from Surprised,Angry and finally to calm in a matter of couple of seconds.

"Aww Ajay" She said as she steped foward in his direction.
Suprised ,scared and confused Ajay steped back and she followed him finally he felt his back against wall.

She came close and slowly placed her hand on Ajay's shoulder's and said "I am sorry Ajay, i just couldn't help myself, i just couldn't, Surely you can understand" and she locked her eyes with Ajay's and continued to speak "Its too late to change you back, and you love being Veenita"
Her eyes where still locked into Ajay's and she said again with slight tighter grip and louder voice "You love being a girl don't you Veenita" and Ajay felt something scary happen. He felt his lips moving but it wasn't him. " Ye.....sss. Yes Mom."

She smiled back at Me and said "Oh Veenita i am sorry your sick, i know those cramps can hurt"

Lets get you into bed. and she gently pushed me into my bed. and said "Hmm you love your bed don't you my baby, its real comfy, you need a good beauty sleep thats what you need." then she kissed me on the lips.

Then this strange voice in my head started to fade, as i closed my eyes. I knew tomorrow i will feel a lot better.

Then my mother whispered in my ears "Sleep now , tomorrow you will be Veenita again."

Then Ajay trapped again inside his own feminized body felt his lips move "I love you mother"

More coming soon

Love ya

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Sorry folks , just took some time out with Mom , went to Florida.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

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OMG i am soo busy with studying i have no time to post for next week or soo.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Captioned - Mothers Twin 1

Sunil was orphan boy from western India. All he knew ws crime and Juvie . That was until he was adopted by American woman named Linda.

Sunil was happy until one day Linda decided to force feminise him. Now 5 years later Louise is well trained to be just like her mother. She even acts and talks like Linda.

Linda is happy she finally has a daughter of her own.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Story - Part 1 - Ajay's Journey

I started off a young Indian guy from a small city called "Jabalpur" in central India. Living there all my life , I had no idea what the world was like outside.

I lived with my Aunt who was the only adult in my life as my parents had died years earlier along with my aunts only daughter and her husband in Bhopal Gas Accident back in 80's. my aunt really missed her daughter , so much that sometimes she called me "Veenita" and even jokingly suggested i try on some of Veenita's dresses. I didn't take it seriously until one day she walked into my room with hand full of Veenita's Dresses and placed them on the bed.

Confused i asked her " Whats up Auntie ?" . She smiled and sat down on the bed and spoke with a sad look in her eyes " Ajay i love you and your the only family i got left " then she paused for a sec and continued "You also know how much i miss all our family but one i really miss a lot is my daughter Veenita. "

I looked at her and it was as if i knew what she was gonna say next and my fear came alive when she spoke "Ajay could you sometimes put some of these on and talk to me as if you were Veenita, i know this is strange but it would really help me get tru the days easier."

her words where blunt ~What is she saying~ i thought but i cared about her so much so i said "Ok Auntie i love you , but please don't say this to anyone"

Just then i saw her face lite up , like it did every time she saw her daughter.
She stood up and walked over and embraced me tight . i could feel her medium sized firm breast pressing against my flat chest . it was a strange feeling that rushed tru my body , something ive never felt before. Then suddenly something happened. I couldn't explain what it was . My aunt felt it also but her reaction was not what i was expecting, She just moved back and looked me straight in eye and said "Veenita ive brought your cloths back to your room , you know i don't like you in those jeans, Please change into that skirt you like so much. "

For some strange reason i felt so aroused by her statement, Somewhere deep in my mind i felt that my Aunt had taken advantage of my sudden arousal and manipulated my thinking so i would accept being Veenita.

For next few mins i was as if frozen where i stood and watched my Aunt transform my room taking away all my cloths and replacing them with Veenita's.

After she was done she came over and embraced me again arousing that strange feeling again.
But what she said next really destroyed my resistance "Veenita i am so happy you have come back to me. I will never let you go away ever again and i will help you become the woman you always wanted to be." She then looked me straight in eye and continued "Now do you remember what you told me what you wanted to be when you grew up ?"

i was paralysed i couldn't say anything

So she continued "Let me remind you , you told me that when you grew up , you wanted to be just like those women in America, Sophisticated , modern ,smart and rich. Do you remember now ?" she asked me embracing me again.

I couldn't say anything again.

She spoke again "Did i hear yes mother?"

I was shocked by what happened next , my lips opened and i spoke "yes mother"

To be continued ........................

By - KEC